GFM 14



The GFM GF-14 - 43' Crane is a modular, rideable and remote crane system. It is designed and engineered incorporating the most modern technology. The result is a state of the art crane system, which addresses the demands of any crane or camera operator.

The GFM GF-14 - 43' Base Dolly is equipped with independent, double ended steering providing excellent manoeuvrability in the studio or on location. Each of the 4 foam filled tyres has a dedicated, push-down brake ensuring immediate securing of the base on tailgates or when moving around on set.

Removable levelling jacks are available for use on uneven terrain providing a secure means to level the base. The levelling jacks also allow cranking up of the base to lay track underneath.

The 4x4 track wheels provide smooth tracking shots and an unparalleled, ease of movement under heavy payloads.

Two utensil trays can be attached to the sides of the mounting column providing neat storage of camera and remote head accessories.


Platform - Manned operation:

  • 2 operators: 9.0m (30ft)
  • 1 operator: 10.5m (34ft)

Platform - Remote operation :

  • 85kg (187lb): 12.3m (40ft)
  • 60kg (132lb): 13m (43ft)

Further information is available from Grip Factory Munich



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